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Our firm adds value to any court case by providing a wide range of detective services to attorneys, corporations, banks, insurance companies, and private citizens. No matter your situation, we are sure to provide you with the services that you need to support your case. Review our long list of detective services today to see how we can use our many years of experience to your advantage.

Our investigators work with clients to uncover any misconduct within corporate, civil, and criminal cases. We will always work within the best interests of our clients to uncover the truth and to provide information. We take great pride in being able to provide our clients with results in a timely, efficient, and ethical manner. We use our results to help clients make intelligent and informed decisions within their cases.

Our most-used detective services include workers compensation cases, automobile accidents, liability, and medical malpractice suits. We use physical and undercover surveillance, photographs, and videos to provide evidence against the legitimacy of claims. Our clients can trust us to be knowledgeable about the law and to provide authentic and concise evidence.

We also have years of experience being an integral part of a defense team. We work hard to evaluate and verify evidence, interview witnesses, and evaluate police procedures and forensic evidence. Our detectives visit crimes scenes and try to uncover any missed evidence or witnesses. Our clients in Orlando, FL, know that we work tirelessly to do anything we can to exonerate clients or reduce the severity of the charges made by the prosecution.

Our agency provides a long list of detective services sure to help clients out in any situation that they find themselves in.

Let our qualified detectives provide you with all the evidence and information you need to prepare for and win your case.

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